Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a technique to help you to learn to live in the present moment and to find peace, relaxation and freedom in the Here and Now.

Mindfulness is defined as the awareness that arises when we pay attention to the present moment in a particular way; on purpose and non-judgmentally.

When you pay attention to your mind, what you notice is that your mind is constantly wandering. The mind is constantly busy.”

The great Zen master Tich Nhat Han and many other Buddhist teachers say: “Life is only available in the Here and Now. The past has already gone; the future has not yet arisen. There is only
the present moment to live.” In many of his talks and books, Tich Nhat Han uses the example of a beautiful sunset to illustrate the difference between experiencing something directly when living in the present moment and missing out on it when our mind is wandering off: He says that, when we watch the sunset, but are elsewhere with our mind-–we think about work, about what to cook for dinner, about the conversation we had with our neighbour or with some of our colleagues yesterday, etc.–-we are not there for the sunset; the sunset happens, but we are hardly aware of it. The sunset doesn’t care about whether or not we are watching in amazement, but when we are not fully present, we are missing out on a great opportunity to watch something absolutely beautiful happening right in front of our eyes; “one of the wonders of life.” Many Buddhist teachers go on saying that not only can mindfulness help us to be there for the good things-–“the wonders”–that are constantly happening in our life, but it can actually help us to be there for whatever life throws at us: to access all our inner wisdom, to access all our inner strength and to deal with our present situation in the best possible way.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you work with yourself.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you learn to recognise your thoughts and thinking patterns, your feelings and emotions, your beliefs and belief-systems and your behaviours and your reactions.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you experience, maybe for the first time in our life, that you can have power over your mind rather than letting the mind have power over you.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you learn that what you think and how you think determines how you feel, what you believe, how you behave and how you experience yourself and the world around you.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you learn how to interrupt your thinking about the past, your thinking about the future, your day-dreaming, your fears, your worries and your regrets and you learn to be in the present moment, in the Here and Now, instead with whatever arises.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, your mind becomes still. In all traditions which emphasise the importance of working with one’s mind, the mind as it should be is often compared to a very still lake: When the water is really still, it reflects the environment perfectly clearly. Equally, when our mind is really still and when you have no disturbing thoughts, the mind reflects what actually IS.

When you train in Mindfulness Meditation, you learn to be fully there for the present moment and to fully accept it without judgement. There are still good and bad experiences, happy and sad moments, there is still pain, frustration, worry and fear and all the rest of it, but you are now willing and able to accept your experience whatever it is.

At Healing Well, you can do a 4-week long introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course with a certified Mindfulness Meditation instructor. You will learn to examine your mind, your thoughts and thought processes, your emotions and your behaviours and you will learn techniques to interrupt unhelpful thinking and unhelpful thinking patterns and return to a calm mind. The Mindfulness Meditation courses take place on a one-to-one basis which gives you plenty of time to learn about the meditation practice, to ask all your questions and to practise.

Please contact me on 0871319891 or email melanie@healingwell.ie with any further questions or to book your course.