Reiki For Nurses

At Healing Well, we know that your job as a nurse is an extremely fulfilling yet stressful one. Practising regular self-care is vital in counteracting and managing the stresses of the profession and avoiding serious issues like exhaustion, depression, and burnout.

Self-care is a broad concept that involves engaging in activities that reduce your stress and improve your physical and mental health. Unfortunately, it is often those of us who care for others a lot that forget to take enough time to care for themselves. Or sometimes it may even feel like it is not so important to care for ourselves so long as we can continue caring for others. But the truth is that you can only care for others when you care for yourself first. The more you practise self-care the better you will be able to do your job.

Reiki is a wonderful practice of self-care. During a 60-minute long Reiki treatment, we rebalance your energy, help you to let go of any physical, emotional or mental stress you may have experienced during your day at work, help you to recharge your batteries and rebuild your boundaries which may have been challenged by your patients or even colleagues at work.

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