Reiki Healing for Grief & Loss

Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic life events we can experience. The loss reverberates through our being on so many levels. We need all the support we can get to navigate our way through the emotional terrain and reclaim our lives.

Reiki Healing is a powerful tool available to help support us on this journey.

Reiki means “Universally Guided Life Force Energy.” We are all animated by life force energy, sometimes called “prana” or “chi.”. When we experience trauma, loss, or have been taking care of a loved one for a long time, prior to their passing, the life force in us can become depleted, blocked, or dense from all the myriad emotions we may be experiencing.

Losing someone close to us can elicit a whole range of emotional states — grief, anger, depression, fear, anxiety, frustration, regret, guilt or bitterness can sit with us for many months or even years. We may feel exhausted and unable to function from the depth of grief, or sometimes from not feeling safe or supported enough to be able to express our feelings freely.

This is where Reiki can help. In a safe, healing and relaxing environment, Reiki will gently begin the process of lightening the heavy load of our grief. Reiki has sometimes been described as ‘energetic massage’, but unlike massage we stay fully clothed during a Reiki treatment. The Reiki Practitioner works with light touch on the body or just above the body in the auric field. We feel relaxed, peaceful and cared for by this nurturing and healing energy that starts to clear away the denser energies we have been carrying. Many people describe a Reiki treatment as a sense of peace, love and safety that they have rarely experienced. If you have trouble sleeping, a Reiki session will often give you a deep, restful sleep during or after the session.

Sometimes Reiki will help us to release some of the feelings we may have had difficulty accessing because they have been too painful. In a non-judgmental, compassionate space we can maybe start to forgive ourselves; let go of resentment; allow tears to flow and get our lives back on track.

Finally, if we have lost a spouse, we may also be grieving the loss of being physically touched which is such an important and essential part of feeling balanced and happy. Being touched in a loving way releases endorphins, happiness hormones, which help us to feel comforted and safe. A Reiki treatment can provide a safe, loving and gentle alternative as the practitioner works all the way down the body from head to toe with a light, comforting touch focusing on the areas that a client may have shared are most in need – like the heart – or areas where the client is experiencing physical pain.

If you are feeling the burden of grief, a Reiki session can:

◾ Help you feel lighter and more able to cope

◾ Help you release feelings of grief in a safe, supportive space

◾ Ease feelings of guilt, resentment or bitterness

◾ Help to ease physical pain

◾ Support mental clarity and a positive attitude

◾ Create deep relaxation and rest

◾ Help you get back on your feet again

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